About Us

Who We Are

The company was founded in 1968 with one extrusion line specialized in making water hoses.
Ten years later we announced the making of window shelters, and special hoses for electrical installation.
In 1983 and due to the fast growing industries in Jordan, we became the first to supply the different needs of the industrial firms. We added two lines of machinery to grasp the orders of different kinds of extruded profiles, and we became the ultimate suppliers of all kinds of profiles.
In 1985 we added the rigid PVC pipes to our production lines which were accepted by the formal foundations.

In the 90s, Farplast added new lines to produce very high quality rigid profiles such as Trunks (electrical conduits) for external electric add-on and was proved to be the best quality known to electricians inside and outside Jordan.
Farplast and the end of the 90s went far beyond imaginations by adding unique lines to produce the American High Quality CPVC pipes, and was the first and pioneer company to produce such high quality product which is used nation-wide throughout the united States and all gulf countries as well.

In the year of 2001 and due to the highly growing demand for good quality raw materials Farplast established its first sister-company (Trans Jordan) to meet the fast growing demand of its products worldwide by producing its own raw materials on an International Standards Specification (I.S.S.) with a very high production capacity and very high quality to meet the growing demands of Farplast.

The year 2004 was the year we started producing injection molded parts for electrical and water pressure pipes CPVC and in a very short period of time, we became one of the main supplier of such products in the Middle East.
Since Farplast produces quality-oriented products, orders are continuing to come from many neighboring countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Sudan.
Nowadays, Farplast will continue its commitment towards all its customers world-wide by promoting and expanding to fulfill all customer special need on our quality oriented bases.

To further satisfy the needs of our international customers, we are now working with many governmental and private organizations to help acquiring the internationally recognized certificate (CE Mark).


Customer satisfaction is the key to success by providing the best in machine technology in the world and employs a high qualified technical team lead by a professional engineering staff under a management which applies the newest yet conservative management elements in order to meet with the European and American Standards.


To expand our business in plastic products and gain the trust of our customers in the region and be one of the main trusted supplier of PUC and UPVC products in the area.