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Farhat Plastic Factory is a growing, vertically-integrated manufacturer of PVC pipes, fittings, trunks, hoses and custom made profiles. We are committed to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

Farhat plastic company is a company which believes in customer satisfaction is the key of success by providing the best in machine technology in the world and employs a high qualified technical team lead by a professional engineering staff under a management which applies the newest yet conservative management elements in order to meet with the European and American Standards.

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Quality Oriented Mind | Quality Oriented Products

pure and non recycled

PVC water pipes, PVC water hoses, UPVC electric pipes, UPVC electric conduits, air hoses and soft profiles are made of pure and non recycled.

vinyl compound

There are no significant health hazard from vinyl compound.

non-flammable materials

PVC and UPVC are non-flammable materials and are self-extinguishing.


All PVC hoses and UPVC pipes are Anti-Blockage.


Quality oriented bases.

To further satisfy the needs of our international customers, we are now working with many governmental and private organizations to help acquiring the internationally recognized certificate (CE Mark).